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The Member Pioneers take their name from the original Co-op Rochdale Pioneers who, back in the mid 1800s, had an ambition to change the world and make it a fairer place to live for all.

By 2020, the Co-operative Group aim to have 1500 Member Pioneers, one in every community in the UK.  They deliver 4 hours community work, coordinating with current groups, residents and Co-op venues within each community (where they live) – researching and working with the needs and priorities in that specific area to ultimately bring cooperation to improve health/wellbeing, skills/education and/or community spaces (indoor or outdoor).  The Co-op have created their own Wellbeing Index available as an online tool to help shape their ‘community plans’, using recent research in each area to highlight the areas of most need (based on recent research). 

The Member Pioneers are permanent, paid members of Co-op staff but work from home and in the community.  They have a flexible and wide remit (underpinned by the Community Plan of Activity that they devise, manage and deliver themselves and the idea is they tap into and support networks already there to be a catalyst, connector & communicator in the process.  They might also set up, support & lead activities themselves so long as they serve the wider objectives as above.

On another note, we are also partnering with a large UK wide charity to support our work with health and wellbeing – watch this space!

There are currently roles advertised for Member Pioneers in Delph, Uppermill & Mossley . The vacancies and online application can be found here:

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